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The Bhagavad Gita has been considered as one of the most well-known,most read and widely followed Vedic Literature,

It’s teachings and messages are still very clear and valid.

Among the various subsection of the Gita Karma Yoga has a special importance not only because of the fact that it was the main teaching of Krishna but also due to it’s practical implications to our real life scenarios.

The Gita say’s  “Karmayevadhikaraste  Maa Phaleshu Kadachana”

It means a person should focus or concentrate on his work and never think about the fruits, Karma Represents, “duty”.
In Gita, It’s said “perfection is attained to by ceasing to engage in Action, but by doing all actions as a divided into two category-Sakam and  Nishkam Karma.

Sakam means when any duty is perform with specific purpose or to achieve any target then it is called SAKAM KARMA.

Nishkam means any duty is perform without any duty is perform without specific purpose or to achieve any target then is is called NISHKAM KARMA.

What is Karma?

The word ‘Karma’ came from the Sanskrit word- ‘kri’; it means to do something or to Act.
The Goal of Mankind is knowledge &  knowledge is obtained by Karma/ Work.
All Knowledge that the word has ever received comes from the mind the infinite library of the Universe is in your own Mind.

Laws of Karma

  • Shed the weakness and get ready to perform the Action.
  • Competence of work evolves from nature and qualities
  • 4 classes- Priestly, Admin. Business, Labor.
  • Devoted to other own duty man attains perfection.
  • Influence is from own Nature and not External Authority.
  • Every Soul is Divine but has a Hierarchy not all are equal.
  • So do not expert, irrespective of abilities, work, knowledge, other attributes.
  • Let work alone be your goal and not the fruits of Action.

Nishkam Karma

  • Nishkam Karma or Selfless or Desire-less  Action is an Action performed without any Exceptions of fruits or results, and the central tenet of Karma Yoga path to Liberation, which has now found place not just in  business management, management studies but also in promoting better Business ethics as well.
  • It’s modern advocates press upon achieving success following the principles of Yoga, and stepping beyond personal goals and agendas, While pursuing any action over greater good, While has become well known since it is the central message of the Bhagavad Gita .
  • In Indian philosophy, action or karma has been divided into three categories, according to their intrinsic qualities, Here Nishkam Karma Belongs to the first category, the Satvik (Pure) or actions which add to calmness, the Sakam Karma (self-centered action) comes in the second Rajasika (aggression) and A karma (in-action) comes under the third, Tamasika, which correlates to darkness or Inertia.

Nishkam Karma At Work Place

  • Nishkam Karma has been variously explained as “Duty for Duty’s sake” and as “Detached Involvement”, which is rather negative attitude or indifference and has today found many advocates in the modern business area where the emphasis has shifted to ethical business practice adhering to intrinsic human values and reducing stress at the workplace.
  • Nishkam Karma , means more balanced approach to work and as work has been turned into a pursuit of personal excellence, which results  in greater personal satisfaction coming from external Rewards.
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